History of Gaddis Inc.

Gaddis, Inc. has over 100 years of combined mechanical seal engineering experience to provide to our customers. This experience enables Gaddis, Inc. to engineer the most practical, accurate, and price sensitive solutions to your seal applications. We provide quality new and replacement seals and seal parts for over 400 OEM pumps , mixers, and grinders.

Used in a number of industries, our seals, if properly installed in the same application, will perform as well as or better than the original pump manufacturers seal.

Our product line includes single spring & multi-spring cartridge seals, welded metal bellows, all types of rotary’s and seats with standard or exotic materials.

Gaddis, Inc. also offers seal repair or rebuilding services.  We have a new machine shop with the ability to manufacture parts from all types of materials.

With over $800,000.00 of inventory in stock, and our machine shop capability, Gaddis, Inc. can meet your Mechanical Seal & parts needs.