Cyclone Separators

Cyclone Abrasive Separators

Our cyclone separators provide a simple yet effective method of keeping abrasives away from the sealing faces, thereby increasing seal life and reducing maintenance costs.

Connected to the discharge side of the pump, the separator takes the abrasive-laden fluid and removes the foreign particles.

The clean fluid from the separator is injected into the stuffing box providing a positive circulation and cool environment for the seal.

Required Operating Conditions: Minimum pressure differential of 20 PSI should be maintained between pump suction and pump discharge.

Specific gravity of the particles being separated must be greater than the liquid. Minimum particle size removed is 1 micron.  Solids content of the pumped fluid should not exceed 10%.




Cyclone separators are only effective with products in suspension, such as sand, iron oxide, or dirt.
Product dissolved in the liquid can not be removed by a cyclone separator

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