Gaddis Engineered Materials

While much of our focus has been in the area of rotating equipment like compressors, pumps and mixers, we do manufacture components for many other applications.  The Gaddis Engineered Materials Division has expanded our offerings to include components manufactured from a wide variety of “Technical Ceramics.”

Materials include but are not limited to Alumina Ceramics, Carbon-Graphite, Silicon Carbide and Tungsten Carbide. We also offer a variety of filled polymer materials.

Seal Components

Seal Components – Seal rings, O-ring grooved seats, segmented seal rings and bushings used in mechanical and circumferential seals. Our standard materials include a variety of carbon, ceramic, silicon and tungsten carbide materials.



Bearings/BushingsBearings/Bushings – Gaddis manufactures bearings and bushings for a variety of applications where chemical oxidation, high temperature, abrasive wear and/or poor lubrication may be of concern. We can also supply carbon bearing assemblies, where the bearing insert is shrink fitted into a metal retainer.



Rotary Union ComponentsRotary Union Components – Carbon seal rings and bearing guides are used in rotary union assemblies. Typical applications include the transfer of steam or hot oil from a stationary device into a piece of rotating equipment. These devices are most often found in paper mills, chemical and textile plants. We offer general-purpose materials as well as premium grades for higher pressures and temperatures.



NozzlesNozzles – Precision nozzles used in centrifuges and spray dryers. Abrasion resistance and chemical oxidation is not a concern with the materials offered by Gaddis for these applications.




graphite1Machined Graphite Products – Continuous casting dies used in the metal extrusion industry, graphite applicator rolls used for the manufacture of fiber glass and graphite fixturing used in a variety of glass manufacturing and diamond tooling processes are just a few of the specialty graphite products manufactured by Gaddis. We offer high performance materials for the most difficult applications.



Pump and Meter ComponentsPump & Meter Components – Products include vanes, rotors, end plates, bearings, and other components used in fluid handling, rotary pumps and metering devices. Many of these components are custom machined for precision applications with tight tolerances.



Valve SeatsValve Seats – Valves operating in high temperatures and chemically corrosive environments often use carbon-graphite inserts shrink fitted into metal retainers. Gaddis can manufacture the insert as well as the complete assembly.




carbongraphite_blanks1Impervious High Density Carbon-Graphite Blanks – Many seal and/or pump repair facilities and carbon machine shops stock impregnated carbon-graphite blanks for their same day/next day emergency requirements. Gaddis offers GEM2009, an excellent general-purpose seal and bearing grade for this need. The base material is isostatically molded, which enables Gaddis to offer larger diameters and longer lengths without sacrificing mechanical properties. We can also provide metal filled materials such as Antimony or Babbitt impregnated carbon-graphites.

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